Head Warlock Double Stare

  1. Testing The Jammer0:00Buy Now

  2. Old Age For Duke Of Slade0:00Buy Now

  3. Galacticus0:00Buy Now

  4. Moving0:00Buy Now

  5. Where All Good Squishes Go0:00Buy Now

  6. Chasm Night0:00Buy Now

  7. Gory Gums0:00Buy Now

  8. Phantom, Strike The Disco Down!0:00Buy Now

  9. Death Battle 2: Call Of The Haunted (Return Of Sawlord - Baby Tiger)0:00Buy Now

  10. Killer On The Ride0:00Buy Now

  11. Humping For Dummies0:00Buy Now

  12. The Pageant Of Smote Thine Beard0:00Buy Now

  13. Glitter Gun For Glue0:00Buy Now

  14. King Dracula0:00Buy Now

  15. Nothing To Say But Magic0:00Buy Now

  16. Candelabra0:00Buy Now

  17. Shiver Me Timbers0:00Buy Now

  18. Scandalous0:00Buy Now

  19. Frozen Stiff0:00Buy Now

  20. Speaker Eater0:00Buy Now

  21. Secret Admirer0:00Buy Now

  22. Phantas Me On The Opera0:00Buy Now

  23. Bring Me The Boogie0:00Buy Now

  24. The Strange Disappearance OF Jebodiah Sloak, Journeyman0:00Buy Now